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QUQ This is the last thing I've drawn on my tablet. and it might be the end of my DigiPro Tablet. I think one of my roommates threw away my pen....

I'm gonna cry.
I love you beary much by MissBillyF
I love you beary much
I swear I'm actually sane now.))

Yeah....this was cute :)

I'm sorry for being a dork. 

I drew this for Austin

He's the bear, I'm the puppy

Yeah....gonna go hide now.
I just leave.

put everyone out of their misery

if they're in it at all.


I won't leave though, I'm just going at my own REALLY slow pace you guys okay?

Thanks for support UuU
Wow already halfway through this semester where have I been???
I'm basically been extinct from here.

:/ I haven't been drawing much for an art illustration major.

But I love it here in Idaho, and something exciting is that I could actually be engaged in a couple years.

I'm planning in about a year to be a Missionary for a year and a half, and then moving on to BYU-Provo to continue my education in art.

And with all of this, after so many hardships, I think I found the one. Honestly this time guys. He just wants to sweep me away now. But in a few years, I'll be engaged :). I'm sorry I'm such a dork but this has been the happiest time of my life and I just wanted to share it with you.

Billy loves you!
I just leave.

put everyone out of their misery

if they're in it at all.


I won't leave though, I'm just going at my own REALLY slow pace you guys okay?

Thanks for support UuU


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Welcome to My Page! I have a lot of OCs !!! Please RP and Question!



Relationship statuses:

Blaze: Taken by Polaris :iconask-tina-the-archer:

Penn: Taken by Venus :iconmissfleetingchance:

Qi: Taken by Roman :icondarkmagictraffic:

Qell: Currently persuing a young dame.

Joel: Has a special Lady

Edgar: Dating Iris (c) :iconkawaiitomali:

Andante: Single

Niege: Single

Flute: Taken by Zane (b) :iconask-mattandbrenard:

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Ask-Tina-The-Archer Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Polaris: Blaze, Blaze! *comes up to him with a flaming wolf pup in her hands* Oh Blaze look! I found him on my way here, and he's so cute! But he's too weak to make it home now...can you help me keep him? At least until he's better sweetie? *looks at him with bright purple eyes*
Ask-Tina-The-Archer Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Oh my gosh, I thought you were about to leave Britt! //clings

Don't scare me like that! > n < ))
Calculatus Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014
Quick scenario time!:

(Blaze and company are walking down a snowy peak when an absolutely massive avalanche starts)

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Calculatus Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2014

Behold my newest work! 

Species: (Oooian) darkness elemental

Typical alignment: Inapplicable

Homeland: Vitalis/Shadow world

Strength capability: All ten arms are exceptionally strong and can lift a person high into the air in each one. This is also true for each tentacle as well, making them a true force to be reckoned with.

Stamina capability: Incredibly strong, it usually takes days to exhaust them.

 · Becoming exposed to light quickly tires them out.

Speed capability: they can just barely stand up to their opposites, Light elementals, the fastest creatures in the world. In Ooo, they are incredibly fast. Most can fly as fast as a rocket, but there are a few that can go up to Mach 7 (though this is considered sprinting)

 · In the shadow world, they can go to the speed of light

Sensory capability: is able to see in perfect darkness (even to the point of distinguishing colors). However their eyes consider even dim lighting as bright, full daylight is extremely painful and damaging.

Flexibility capability: a Darkness elementals body is comprised of pure Darkness and therefore no bones exist to act as a frame for their bodies which can stretch like elastic, liquefy or become two-dimensional at will. For example, while floating, they are able to stretch their arms and tentacles across a room. Darkness elementals always appear to be solid regardless of whether they actually are or not.

 ·  Reflex capability: instantaneous

 ·  Agility capability: clearly superior judging by how they can easily dodge  incoming sources of damage

 ·  Dexterity capability: clearly superior judging by how they can coordinate all those limbs so well

Durability capability: although they can feel pain, they don’t acknowledge it (the exception being light-based attacks), creating the illusion that they don’t feel pain at all. Like all elementals, they are intangible. So they can’t be struck in the first place (unless the attacks in question were light-based). Even if that was somehow bypassed, Darkness elementals are still surprisingly durable

Recovery capability: can regenerate when in the dark. The darker it is, the more powerful the healing becomes. When regenerating limbs, a mass of tentacles bursts from the stump and then coils together to form a new, identical limb.

Intelligence capability: Pragmatic and logical in the extreme and highly renown for knowing far more than they should, Darkness elementals are the most intelligent elemental type.

Lifespan: many thousands of years, 50,000 at least.

Unique Physiology: their internals do not exist on the physical level; it’s literally just Darkness all the way through. Do not mistake this as not having any internals at all though. An Elementals soul and life-force comprises of elemental energy, a primal force representing the planet’s emotions (Darkness elementals represent Fear and Pragmatism, as opposed to a light elementals Will and Honor), which both circulates through the body like blood and surrounds it like an aura presence or magnetic field. Because the body is comprised of homogenous energy, any part of their body can be theoretically used for any purpose (like using their hands as their brains and their tentacles as their mouths, for example), thanks to the elemental energy though, each part of their humanoid bodies functions mainly for the purpose they would serve for anyone else.


Of all the elementals of Ooo, there are none more alien and less human than the darkness elementals.

They have no mouths, ears or noses (though they do have nostrils) and fifteen eyes, two where they would normally be, two directly below them, one on the forehead that never opens, and one on each hand. All fifteen eyes are featureless and glow deep purple.

 ·   In the Shadow world, the fifteenth vertical glowing eye
on their foreheads opens.

Their overall build is emaciated; even the buffest, healthiest  Darkness elementals look as though they haven’t eaten in days or even weeks.

·   In the shadow world, their form becomes even more skeletal.

A ridge of sharp, bony spines protrudes from the back.

They possess ten arms, five on each side of the body, two in the normal places, two beneath the armpits and two beneath those armpits. The last four are arranged the same way an asura would have theirs; with four extra shoulders, each one with an arm. All of the arms have hands with sharpened fingers that act as claws.

They have no legs; instead their bodies possess a swarm of pitch black tentacles where their legs should be. The tentacles seem to bleed darkness.

They are extremely tall, seven feet on average.

Normal skin tone is black of varying shades, from pitch to tar to really dark purple to really dark gray.

All of the possible skin colors of a Darkness elemental are the only colors that exist in the Shadow world.

Dark blue runes crisscross their bodies, which only glow because they’re absorbing light not giving it off. They are concealed along with the rest of the Darkness elemental in darkness and cease to glow in full lighting.

They don’t grow “hair” and are completely bald.

Aside from (exclusively white or black colored) cloaks they wear to shield themselves from the sun during the day (which is a fairly recent development), they don’t really care about clothing.

Other Abilities:

·   Every physical action they make is absolutely silent.

·   They have rather powerful telepathic powers and speak by projecting images and/or messages/sounds into the minds of others

 ·  They use shadows and darkness to teleport to other shadows and darkness or to the Shadow world

·   Older elementals can snuff out light sources, control and/or Absorb and/or possess the minds of others and make darkness denser so that other races that see in darkness can’t

 ·  The shadow world is an infinite pocket dimension of the darkness elementals making, they partly evolved there and partly in the “World of light”. There is no light, gravity or ground there.

·   They don’t eat, drink or sleep, they gain sustenance by draining energy from spherical crystals in the void of the Shadow world. They don’t even need air

·   When exposed to light that is bright enough (often daylight) they break down into a pile of their elemental essence and die (and it feels every bit like dying). They come back to life when it becomes dark again (often nighttime).

 ·  They are resistant to cold, flame, and gravity (those same crystals are so dense that they possess the only gravity in the shadow world and that gravity is thrice as strong as in the material world.)

 ·  Emotion is felt only half as strongly and expressing it is surprisingly difficult

 ·  Honor is a foreign concept; they will do whatever needs to be done. They always fight dirty

 ·  The majority typically have careers involving secrets and information. Spies, information brokers and informants are examples.


·   Twilight elementals (“Shadows”) – the result of unions between Darkness and Light, they are neither strengthened nor weakened by either darkness or light. Appearance and powers vary greatly, though there are a few exceptions.

o  They are always completely humanoid in shape, like their light elemental relatives, but their kinship to the dark has all the color washed away, leaving black, white and purple.

o  Possesses the teleporting (more difficult), telepathic (not as thorough), self-sustaining capabilities, and darkvision (cannot see color) of the dark, and the purifying powers (can blast away curses), blinding (not as powerful) of the light as well as resistances (half as effective) and flight from both parents.

There are more Variants, but i don't feel into adding the others yet.

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